Introducing our special guest:

“Harris the Third” is an award-winning illusionist who has become one of North America’s most respected storytellers and speakers. He creates moments that lead to the discovery of #RealMagic, by helping audiences of all ages identify the lies and deception that they have been tricked into believing.

“#RealMagic is the revealing, the discovery, the wonder of the unexpected that God surrounds us with every day. Truth is waiting to be discovered…we just have to open our eyes…”

More than a magician, this master of misdirection knows how to attract an audience and hold its attention. From spot-lit stages throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East, to the exclusive, members-only club of Manhattan’s Soho House, Harris’ illusions has captivated spectators in an unusually wide variety of live venues, films, and television appearances.

His knack for communicating “the evidence of things unseen,” and the importance of never losing our sense of “child-like wonder” often opens the eyes of his audience more than his visual performance.

“…Magic is capable of creating moments of wonder that inspire and move people into a place of transformation. It’s about using this world, where seemingly anything is possible, to offer a new perspective, to get people to see the possibilities around them and wonder out loud, ‘What if?’”

“…Every moment of misdirection I create on stage has a purpose; every illusion is intentionally tied together to enlighten, to inspire others to see the deception around them, to learn the truth about lies…and discover their own purpose.”

See Harris III LIVE on Friday September 29th!